• Improve Wellbeing

    Improve wellbeing

  • Boost Communication

    Boost communication

  • Increase camaraderie

    Increase camaraderie

/Build better relationships with your colleagues.

Take advantage of short, fun interactions and build more working relationships.

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    Culture - promote an environment of conversation and fun threaded into the workplace and enjoy another level of workplace collaboration and performance.
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    Communication - take advantage of short, fun interactions and build wider communication channels throughout the workplace.
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    Camaraderie - facilitate better working relationships and achieve improved wellbeing and staff retention.
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Workplace Success

/Connecting Colleagues In Person.

Coming to the office just became fun! Use office-league for your company. Run leagues that everyone can participate in.


From table football to rock-paper-scissors. Setup leagues to facilitate fun interactions between colleagues.


Improve wellbeing

Enhance the office environment with fun interactions improving the experience of colleagues.


Competitive fun

Let competitive spirit thrive; create talking points. Leagues can be for individuals as well as teams.


Reward participation and success with prizes, whether it is a coffee voucher or lunch, you choose!



Recognise participation, committment, excellence or all three with player and team of the month awards.


Automated Fixture Generation

The Office-League platform provides automated fixture generation and result tracking with league table standings!


Scheduler Tool

Interaction between colleagues starts as soon as they have a fixture. They can use the fixture scheduler tool to set a date and time for their activity.



Upload your company logo to brand your office-league site.



Points aside, individuals build up "credits" for joining leagues, participating in fixtures and of course, winning fixtures!

/What leagues will you join?


Your office, your leagues.

Whether it is ping pong, dice games or board games, you choose the leagues you want to join.


Out of the box, add your own!

To get you up and running with ease, we will add some leagues to get you started. We are sure you have more ideas so you can also add more of your own to suit your workplace.


Start today, for free!

Get up and running today, quickly and easily. Simply click here to get your organisation's office-league instance up and running now!

Table football Table football
Jenga Jenga
Speed chess Speed chess
Ping pong Coffee and card games Dice games

/Leagues as varied as your imagination.

    Your office-league instance comes pre-populated with activities to get you started. Remember, you can add more leagues to suit your workplace.

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Team Jenga office fun Chess Table football